Instantly Control Air Temperature

Instant cold or hot air – from -40°f to 230°f – from ordinary compressed air.

It’s your answer for instant cold air, where and when you need it, using nothing but compressed air as a power source. There’s no maintenance, no mess, no explosion hazard, no electricity, no moving parts – just clean, cold air for industrial or laboratory spot cooling.

Vortex Tubes from AiRTX – Precision Stainless Steel for the Price of the “Other Guys” Aluminum Tubes

Starting with corrosion-resistant, food-grade Stainless Steel as the principal material of construction, AiRTX designers have optimized every aspect of Vortex Tube design for convenience, dependable performance, and long-lasting service.

The AiRTX Vortex Tube is as good-looking as it is functional. It’s precision-machined, assembled, and tested.

Manufactured to exacting tolerances, AiRTX Vortex Tubes are produced under strict quality control to ensure years of reliable, maintenance-free operation.

*inlet temperature 70°F/21.1°C

Industrial Solutions For Vortex Tubes

Metal Fabricating – Tapping

Tapping brass clips is completed without messy liquid coolants using air from a Vortex Tube to cool the tap. The brass does not have a chance to gum up, the cut is cleaner, and secondary operations are eliminated.


Plastic – Slitting

Cutting wheels on this slitter can work at top speed and stay sharper longer – when cold air from Vortex Tubes eliminates the friction heat build-up. The trim edge is also cleaner.


Transportation Spot-Welding

Cooling this spot-welding operation with a Vortex Tube virtually eliminates secondary smoothing operations, and greatly improves the appearance of the product.


Metalworking – Single Point Threading

Heat build-up in this single point threading operation can shorten tool life and produce a rough thread. Clean, dry, sub-zero cooling allows increased speed, while eliminating tool microcracking and premature failure.

AiRTX Vortex Tube Advantages

  • No moving parts, portable, lightweight and low cost.
  • Uses no electricity, freon or chemicals; just filtered, factory compressed air.
  • No spark hazard, RF/EMI interference.
  • Instant on/off, easy to control, cools without waste.
  • No residue to clean up, no parts washing needed.
  • Reliable, maintenance-free, durable Stainless Steel construction.
  • Input air flows of 8, 10, 15, 25, and 35 cfm (220,280,420, 700, 990 lpm); up to 2800 BTU/H (630 Kcal/H) cooling capacity.
  • Two sizes available.

Uses For Vortex Tubes

  • Cool manufacturing processes: machining plastics or metals, wood working, soldering, adhesive application, heat sealing, sewing needles, mold tooling and many others.
  • In the laboratory: cool and dehumidify gas samples, cool environmental chambers.
  • “Temperature cycle” electronic components, instruments, switches and thermostats.
  • Air condition electronic control enclosures: CNC cabinets, industrial PCs, PLCs and motor controls.
  • Generate hot air to +230°F (+110°C), without a spark or explosion hazard to soften plastic, melt glues and seal packaging.
  • Cool workers wearing protective gear.

Technical Data For Vortex Tubes

Vortex Tube Capacities
Model Inlet
Air Consumption Capacity
psi (BAR) (CFM) (LPM) (BTU/N) (Kcal/H)
20008 100 7 8 220 600 100
20010 100 7 10 280 600 150
20015 100 7 15 420 1100 230
20025 100 7 25 700 1800 380
20035 100 7 35 990 2800 630