AiRTX’s Static Control products detect and eliminate static electricity, blow away dust, static cling, and spark hazards up to 20 feet. In industrial applications static is caused by an insulator or non-conductive material rubbing together under some pressure. When the insulator materials are separated, pools of positive or only negative ions form which creates static. The number of ions in these pools of positive or negative ions are determined by the material, humidity, and separation rate.

The AiRTX Shockless Static Elimination systems can be used as productive tools to eliminate that static in heat-set ink dryers, printing prep areas, lenses and signs, sheet feeders, injection molding parts, and more.

Ionizing Bars or Ionizing Bar with Air Knife are quiet, shockless, and durable.  A smaller or more custom static elimination product is the AiRTX Single Point Ionizer or Ionizing Air Gun (handheld).  The needed power supply comes in two-port/four-port options and is UL /CE listed.