AiRTX Cabinet Coolers (No FREON) produce a truly maintenance free cooling system while protecting all sensitive industrial electronic systems. Freon based cooling units hinder clean up and washdown. Dirt, moisture, hazardous or corrosive materials are examples of a poor environment that leads to heat-induced tripping below rated loads, lost production, OSHA violations and worsening dirt build-up due to cabinets left open. Cabinet Coolers are a low-cost, reliable compressed air operation that purges and cools electrical/electronic enclosures with filtered air.

Cold Air Guns and Vortex Tubes are incredibly reliable while turning factory-compressed air into an extremely cold airstream providing a temperature drop from the factory-ambient temperature air. Similar to our Cabinet Cooler, they are maintenance free with no moving parts and no tools required.  The unique temperature control knob allows for cold fraction adjustability.

The Cabinet Coolers and Vortex Tubes are manufactured in the United States to exacting tolerances under strict quality control, precision machined, assembled, and tested.  Offered in Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Stainless Steel (316).