AiRTX offers a unique method of loading a hopper without carrying a bucket of pellets up metal slippery stairs or climbing on platforms. Place the HopperVac™ in the pellet container box and the other end over the hopper, turn the ball valve on and in seconds you have loaded the hopper. Did you know that by reversing the HopperVac™, you can easily unload the hopper to change colors or material, minimizing pellet waste?

HopperVac™ Model 95308 Contains

  • Air flow amplifier
  • 3′ x 1 1/2″ aluminum feed tube
  • 10′ x 1 1/2″ flexible hose
  • Hopper feed aluminum hanger tube
  • On/off ball valve

AiRTX HopperVac™ Advantages

  • Operates at a small fraction of the cost for motor driven Hopper Loaders
  • Low cost – high output
  • Hook up to a compressed air line, drop it into a container of pellets, and let the HopperVac do the work
  • Compressed air operation
  • No maintenance
  • No break downs or down time
  • Variable feed rate up to 50 pounds rounds/min
  • .80″ throat diameter
  • .Air consumption 15 cfm @ 80psi


  • Pellet Loading/Unloading
  • Material Transfer