Adjustable High-Thrust Jet 1/8"

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Don't Buy Another Compressor

Changeover to AiRTX ™ Jets...cut noise and energy too! Heavy blow-off and air conveying jobs can overwork your compressor and shorten the time between expensive overhauls. A 1/4" (6mm) air tube uses the entire output of a 10-hp compressor, sending energy costs out of sight, hitting 100 dBA noise levels, and violating OSHA dead-end air pressure limits. Air Saver Jets give you an edge with air amplification. Safer and quieter, they amplify compressed air flow four times, delivering high thrust with a fraction of the air used by open air lines. Plant-wide changeover to AiRTX Jets is like adding compressor capacity. They'll:
  • Cut your energy bill
  • Increase air flow with lower noise level
  • Reduce demand on your compressor
  • Give you a return on investment in weeks, if not days.