Technical Data for Ionizing Air Knives


The AiRTX Air Knife provides a smooth laminar flow of air which doesn't have the turbulence of fan-driven air and can carry positive and negative ions up to 20 feet from the bar and provide neutralization within the 2 second lifetime of the ions. The turbulence created by a fan causes the ions to bump into each other, so that the distance of ionization is reduced to 10" - 12".
The last digit of the part number indicates the effective length of the unit.

Sample: Model 55012 Ionizing Bar is 12" long.
Sample: Model 85012 Air Knife is 12" long.

Installing Ionizing Bars

Correct Positioning is Vital to the Efficient Operation of Static Elimination Bars. Factors to be considered are:
  • Correct positioning relative to the problem, i.e., immediately before problem area, with no intermediary rollers or processes which could regenerate the charge.
  • Speed of material - higher speeds require more static elimination.
  • Conductivity and density of material. The less conductive or more dense (molecularly) the material, the more stubborn will be the charge.
  • Grounding - vitally important to the correct operation of bars. They will not function and will become "live" if not properly grounded.
Installing Ionizing Bars

The Following Rules Should Be Observed When Installing AiRTX Ionizing Bars
  • Optimal Distance from material to be neutralized is 2" - 4"
  • Bars should be staggered if positioned on opposite sides of the material—distance between bars should not be less than the distance of either bar to surface (2" - 4")
  • Avoid proximity to grounded parts of the machine – Grounded objects will distort the corona and reduce its efficiency.
  • CAUTION: This equipment is NOT to be used in hazardous vapor areas.