Technical Data for High Thrust Jets

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Air Saver High-Thrust Jets release a tiny amount of compressed air at near-sonic velocity through a fine, internal, ring-shaped nozzle. The high-speed "tube" of air ejected through the front creates a strong vacuum behind itself, pulling additional surrounding air through the rear of the jet, while pushing the ambient air in front

Don't Buy Another Compressor...Changeover to AiRTX ™
Jets...cut Noise and Energy Too!

Heavy blow-off and air conveying jobs can overwork your compressor and shorten the time between expensive overhauls. A 1/4" (6mm) air tube uses the entire output of a 10-hp compressor, sending energy costs out of sight, hitting 100 dBA noise levels, and violating OSHA dead-end air pressure limits. Air Saver Jets give you an edge with air amplification. Safer and quieter, they amplify compressed air flow four times, delivering high thrust with a fraction of the air used by open air lines. Plant-wide changeover to AiRTX Jets is like adding compressor capacity. They'll:
  • Cut your energy bill
  • Increase air flow with lower noise level
  • Reduce demand on your compressor
  • Give you a return on investment in weeks, if not days.

Three Models: Adjustable Unit for Easy Set-Up,
With Air Conveying Capability

Our Adjustable High-Thrust Jet simplifies set-up or system change because you can alter the flow and thrust with a quick twist of the nozzle. Just install it on your air line and set it to do the job. The In-Line Air Jet is ideal for retrofitting open air line blowoff applications where system set-up does not change frequently. It can also air convey fine granular product, with a 3/4" (19mm) diameter inlet for attachment of tubing. It develops 54" W.C. suction and 5.6 oz. (150 gm) thrust with 80 PSIG (5 BAR) air.

Jet Blow-Off Force in Ounces of Thrust
Distance from Target Pressure (PSIG)
40psi 60psi 80psi 100psi
6" 7.5 11.8 16.5 22.2
12" 6.9 11.5 16.2 21.4
18" 5.6 9.3 13.7 17.4

Model 38038E

high thrust jet model 38038e

Model 38038

high thrust jet model 38038

Model 38044

high thrust jet model 38044


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