Industrial Solutions for Wedges

Food Processing

The 2" Model 30050 Stainless Steel Wedge removes water and dries cans in this soup processing plant. The high thrust feature produces maximum drying to ensure speed. Hurricane Models for higher thrust available in 2" and 4" sizes.

Food Processing

Uses for AiRTX Wedges

  • Ejecting parts from molding machines and stamping presses
  • Blow-off of chips, trim scrap, swarf
  • Part cleaning before painting
  • Cooling extruded parts

Stainless Steel Wedges are Ideal for

  • Food processing
  • Hot corrosive environments
  • Maximum durability in harsh environments
The Hurricane Line of Nozzles provide the benefits of the AiRTX Nozzles but have greater thrust when power is needed for moving heavy objects, removing large amounts of liquids from parts in a short time, and larger air flows for quicker drying.