Industrial Solutions for High Thrust Jets

Fume Removal

A low cost, maintenance free AiRTX Jet system uses only 3 cfm (85 lpm) of compressed air to remove hazardous fumes from this solvent storage cabinet, The air flow amplification of High Thrust Jet Model 38044 provides the needed ventilation without dangerous fan blades or expensive electric motors.

fuse removal


This milling operation is enhanced by the chip removal and cooling provided by the Model 38038E Adjustable High Thrust Jet. The Adjustable Jet provides plenty of thrust to prevent build-up of metal chips and coolant around the tool.


Uses for AiRTX High Thrust Jets

  • Ejecting parts from molding machines and stamping presses
  • Blow-off of chips, trim scrap and swarf
  • Air conveying dusts, powders and fibers
  • Part cleaning before painting
  • Cooling extruded parts
  • Cleaning/cooling of metal strip and plastic/paper webs
  • Cleaning/cooling of conveyors and conveyorized parts

The Hurricane Line of Nozzles provide the benefits of the AiRTX Nozzles but have greater thrust when power is needed for moving heavy objects, removing large amounts of liquids from parts in a short time, and larger air flows for quicker drying.