SpeedVac™ Workstation Cleaner Gives Shop Vacuu­m Resu­lts Withou­t Electricity or Hassle - Vacu­u­m and Blow Gu­n in One Unit.

The AiRTX SpeedVac™ provides the operator with both a blow gun and a vacuum in a hand held, easy to use model. Using compressed air, even after many uses, there is no maintenance or diminished vacuum strength due to electric motors aging and losing service life. The SpeedVac™ is compact and light weight, as well as cost-efficient. The system requires no canister, but instead vacuums wet chips or dry matter into an open container. Switch the SpeedVac™ quickly from vacuum to blow mode with a simple reverse of the air chamber.

What is an AiRTX Vacuum?

The SpeedVac™ is ideal for a number of industrial applications where quick clean up is frequently required. Work stations can be easily cleared of dust and debris, as well as heavier materials such as metal, plastic or wood chips. A complete line of SpeedVac™ attachments are available in the SpeedVac™ Accessories Kit.

AiRTX SpeedVac Advantages

  • Compact, lightweight and low cost
  • No electric motor
  • No moving parts
  • No clumsy canister to empty
  • Powered by ordinary compressed air
  • It can vacuum wet chips or dry matter directly into an open container
  • It switches from vacuum to blow mode with a simple reverse of the air chamber.
  • The trigger switch is used for on/off.