SmartVac Model 90755 op­erates like a wet/dry vacuum without electricity for dry materials or wet sp­ills pick-up­.

The StrongMan SmartVac Model 99755 has 50% more vacuum power and faster debris removal. The StrongMan SmartVac gets the job done!

What is an AiRTX Vacuum?

Using normal shop compressed air of 80 PSI, this portable vacuum creates up to 50% more vacuum than shop vacuums and is 50% quieter than electric vacs. There are no moving parts to wear out and no maintenance. The SmartVac ™ does an excellent job of picking up spilled fluids with the 15" wide squeegee attachment or dry chips and materials. A metal or plastic drum can be used.

The SmartVac™ Kit Model 90755 includes the SmartVac™, 10' of 1 ½" hose, on/off valve with pressure gauge, squeegee, pick-up wands, crevice tool, round brush, drum cover, bolt locking ring, filter bag and steel castered dolly for easy mobility.

The StrongMan SmartVac Model while consuming more compressed air, provides twice the vacuum strength for moving heavier debris and lighter material quicker.

AiRTX SmartVac Advantages

  • High vacuum
  • Fast debris removal
  • Heavier material pickup
  • Portable
  • Rugged, reliable for industrial use
  • No electricity required