AiRTX Air Nozzles Produce More Power at a Fraction of the Cost of Open Copper Tubes or Plastic Nozzles.

What are AiRTX Nozzles?

AiRTX Air Nozzles are uniquely designed to drastically reduce compressed air consumption. The Air Nozzles harness the power of compressed air to do BIG blow-off, cooling and parts ejection jobs, without spewing raw compressed air and noise all over your plant.

They are ideal for anything from a hand-held blow-off gun to multi-unit nozzle manifolds for conveyorized products of transfer lines. Even small air usage applications can show major cost reduction.

AiRTX air nozzles generate high volume and thrust with low air consumption. Even small air usage applications can show major cost reduction due to energy savings. Demand on the air compressor is greatly reduced with AiRTX air nozzles, leading to equipment cost savings. AiRTX air nozzles satisfy OSHA requirements for noise as well as dead end pressure.

Air Nozzle Advantages

  • Cuts energy bill by 50-90%
  • Meets OSHA noise and dead-end pressure requirements.
  • Increase air flow by 50:1
  • Reduce noise level by 50dBA or more.
  • Reduce compressed air usage without losing production.
  • A variety of adjustable, fixed flow styles and thrusts available.
  • Low initial and operating costs
  • Mountable on Sta-Put Hoses, Blow Guns, and Manifold.

Contact Your Electric Company!Contact Your Electric Company!

They may be offering hard cash for buying AiRTX Air Nozzles to save energy. Duke Energy for example, offers up to $20.00 for each AiRTX Air Nozzle that reduces kWh energy use. Call us for details 800-307-7475.