Air Saver Blow Guns


Customize your Blow Gun with any AiRTX Nozzle and with any length:

  • Sta-Put Hose Extension
  • Heavy Duty Sta-Put Hose Extension
  • Aluminum Extension
The AiRTX Blow Guns with the uniquely designed AiRTX Air Saver Nozzles are designed to drastically reduce compressed air consumption and low noise level.

Three types of rugged Blow Guns featuring the flexibility of various air nozzles to allow an easy choice to fit your particular industrial application.

Nylon Hand Blow Gun for extended use and comfort with exceptional durability.

Thumb Control Blow Gun with comfortable design HURRICANE Metal Hand Control Blow Gun for heavy duty jobs.

AiRTX Blow Gun Advantages

  • Meets OSHA noise, pressure, and skin impingement requirements
  • Adjustable flows with 25:1 air amplification
  • Durable heavy duty nylon construction for rugged industrial use
  • Instant on/off
  • Contoured design to fit comfortably in user’s hand and reduce tiring even with prolonged use
  • All models have Top hook design for easy hanging and storage
  • Flexible Sta-Put Hoses and Extension Rods to extend reach are available for most models