Air Knives


Air knives are the most efficient and energy saving method to deliver compressed air for large drying, cooling or cleaning applications. An air knife creates huge volumes of air with lower compressed air costs, by entraining surrounding air. Three models of air knives deliver air at 25:1 to 50 times the amount of compressed air used to help with your application needs.


Why Settle for Less Than The Best!

All air knives are available with effective length of 3" (76 mm), 6" (152 mm), 12" (305 mm), 18" (457 mm), 24" (610 mm), 30" (762 mm), 36" (914 mm). Overall Length is 1" longer than effective length to allow for air on either end. Custom sizes Upon request.

Advantages of an Air Knife

  • 50:1 Air Flow Amplification (Series 86000 Air Knife)
  • Wide area blow-off or cooling with less noise
  • Replace open line jets with AiRTX Air Knives
  • Low initial and operating costs
  • Up to 70% less compressed air usage than open air line
  • Easy to control flow/force
  • No rotating machinery, guards or clumsy ducts
  • No maintenance, no moving parts
  • No electricity or explosion hazard
  • No RF/EMI interference
  • Instant on/ off
  • Slimmer Cost – 20 to 25% Cost Savings over conventional Air Knives (Series 82000)
  • Slimmer Air Usage - 30% less consumption with same (Series 82000) 25:1 Air Amplification (Series 85000/80000)
  • Convenient Rear Connection to compressed air source (Series 82000)
  • Quiet